A Woman’s Guide to Men’s Man-Part Pics

June 2nd, 2011 Kathleen O'Reilly Posted in Funnies, Newsflash 2 Comments »

The Washington Post has a thoughtful piece on the non-alllure of man-parts pics. Actually, I should clarify, because obviously there is an allure of man-part pics to the man who took the pic of his man-parts. But for women, it’s a non-starter.  And yet, the pics continue, as if some men cannot comprehend that a woman is not thrilled by the 800 by 600 close-up of their man-parts.  Oh, we  silly-willy women!  Not appreciating glandular grandeur on a phone and/or other computing device! 

So what is thrilling?  What visuals stir the senses?  According to the article, “folded laundry.  Maybe in a wicker basket.” 

Ah, yes. 

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Mommy’s Time Out will trademark no wines before their time….

April 22nd, 2011 Kathleen O'Reilly Posted in Funnies Comments Off


Apparently “Mommy’s Time Out” wine is not happy with “Mommyjuice” wine and dragged them into court, suing over the use of the word ‘Mommy’ in conjunction with wine.  I confess to having purchased “Mommy’s Time Out” for a friend (and I swear it was for a friend), but I think I would pass on Mommyjuice, which sounds slightly subversive, maybe it’s just me.

If I had to name a wine, I would name it Water, so when people ask what I’m drinking, I can smile and say, “Just water.”


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Gotta love the TSA

April 12th, 2011 Kathleen O'Reilly Posted in Funnies Comments Off

I’m pretty sure this sign is at LAX.  I remember the sporting bats, but I must have missed the catapults.

Source: failblog.org


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Help Wanted: Spaceship Pilots — and you think I’m kidding!

April 1st, 2011 Kathleen O'Reilly Posted in Funnies Comments Off


Tired of the same ole, same ole.  Are you one of three Americans dissatisfied with their job?  If so, then do we have the solution for you! 

Virgin Galactic (because you know, Virgin Atlantic doesn’t sound ‘stellar’ enough’ is looking for pilot-astronauts.  My favorite line from the article?  “Prior spaceflight experience is desirable.” 

I wish I wrote sci-fi/fantasy, because I could SO make a story out of this.  Working Girl with an inter-galactic twist. 

Source: www.universetoday.com


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April Fool’s for the Mac Lover in Your Life

March 31st, 2011 Kathleen O'Reilly Posted in Funnies Comments Off

From Zug.com, any easy-squeezy way to make your minimalist-hipster-starbucks-loving-ipod-wearing geek freak:




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Edward’s Bigger, More Muscle-Car-y Brother

November 9th, 2010 Kathleen O'Reilly Posted in Funnies Comments Off

From failblog.org

Sometimes a license plate is worth a thousand words.

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“All scenes of an unpleasant nature should be eliminated…”

October 25th, 2010 Kathleen O'Reilly Posted in Funnies, On Writing Miseries, Uncategorized Comments Off

I found this link on boingboing.net and I thought it was hysterical.  Really, have manuscript rejections changed much in the past 100 years?  Would authors be happier with “Would not pass the censor board” or “improbable” than “I couldn’t connect with the characters?”  Well, perhaps the rejection would still sting, but at least we could all giggle (assuming no robbery, kidnapping, murder, suicide, or harrowing death-bed scenes). 

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This Just In: Pollsters Say that Most Americans Unable to Believe S&%T

August 17th, 2010 Kathleen O'Reilly Posted in Funnies, Newsflash, Uncategorized Comments Off

Gawker and the NY Post are both reporting the latest in Cougar news.  Women are not actually hunting down young men in huge numbers.  I know, all of you cougar-istas are surprised by this finding, and I’m sure your age-appropriate SO is sighing in relief, and yet, we consider to be surprised that all of humanity is not exactly alike.

Drudge is reporting that 25% of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim. I believe 20% of earthly residents believe that aliens (space, not the other kind that make Lou Dobb’s head explode) have actually landed on earth and walk amongst us.  73% of Americans are unable to believe this S&IT, which has gone on to become a best-seller, 73% of All Americans Unable to Believe this SH&T My Father Says.  And 89% of all Americans believe politicians are corrupt (I just made that one up, but I bet it’s true).

Also, in other news, both Wired and Newsweek are reporting that the Internet is dead, although NPR and BNET both say that the reports of the Internet death (by both Wired and Newsweek) have been greatly exaggerated.  I say that you are not actually reading this post on the Internet, instead it is being channeled through your computer via the Psychic Friends Network (which actually died in the 1980s, but nobody knew, because DUH!).

Also, the New York Times is reporting that John Lenin is still dead.

Fiction is not dead.  On the Internet, nothing will ever die.

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Publishing Woe-begone

June 29th, 2010 Kathleen O'Reilly Posted in Cool People, Funnies, On Biz, Uncategorized 3 Comments »

From the Chicago Tribune, a quote from Garrison Keillor on the future of publishing:

Call me a pessimist, call me Ishmael, but I think that book publishing is about to slide into the sea. We live in a literate time, and our children are writing up a storm, often combining letters and numerals (U R 2 1derful), blogging like crazy, reading for hours off their little screens, surfing around from Henry James to Jesse James to the epistle of James to pajamas to Obama to Alabama to Al-Anon to non-sequiturs, sequins, penguins, penal institutions, and it’s all free, and you read freely, you’re not committed to anything the way you are when you shell out $30 for a book, you’re like a hummingbird in an endless meadow of flowers.

And if you want to write, you just write and publish yourself. No need to ask permission, just open a Web site. And if you want to write a book, you just write it, send it to Lulu.com or BookSurge at Amazon or PubIt or ExLibris and you’ve got yourself an e-book. No problem. And that is the future of publishing: 18 million authors in America, each with an average of 14 readers, eight of whom are blood relatives. Average annual earnings: $1.75.

From Kathleen O’Reilly, quoted to nowhere in particular:

It should be noted that publishing is not going to slide into Lake Wobegone, where all authors are above average.

I couldn’t resist. :)

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Newspaper Funnies for the Day

January 8th, 2010 Kathleen O'Reilly Posted in Funnies, Newsflash Comments Off

I found this one on JezebelPainfully obvious newspaper headlines.  And I should note that my DS has a t-shirt with Death: The Nations #1 Killer on it.  It always makes me snicker.

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