Pain is a Four-Letter Word

According to an article in the Telegraph, swearing after hurting yourself can help numb the pain.  As a rule, I am not a swearer.  We had strict rules in our house, and I don’t know that I ever heard my parents say anything inappropriate.  As such, I never did, either.  Much.

But there are times, when I’m scared or shocked or anticipating disaster that my mouth engages without the rules. 

When I write, I usually try and use the vocabulary that is appropriate for the character.  We have ideas in our head about swearing (or at least I do).  Higher class, higher education usually swear less.  Sometimes a male will use swear words to show dominance or arrogance or toughness.  A female might do the same.  Swearing as an intimidation tactic. 

There are readers who complain about swear words in books or movies.  I know I HATE movies with a whole lot of extraneous swearing.   What do you think?  Does swearing bother you in books?  In movies?  Or do you consider it authenticity?

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