How to fuel the creative fires in LIST FORM!

I always love the posts with list.  A post that tells you how to stay creative in list form — be still my didatic heart!  Life On Michigan Avenue lists 29 ways to stay creative, which makes me wonder, what happened to #30? 

I do make a lot of lists. I never do free writing. I am not of fan of beating myself up, because I bruise easily.  I think tomorrow I will read a page in the dicionary.

I agree with most of them, but am wondering why “EAT MORE SPINACH” is missing, because that’s my thing to do when I start to lose the edge.  Eat Spinach. :) )



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2 Responses to “How to fuel the creative fires in LIST FORM!”

  1. …which makes me wonder, what happened to #30?
    Possible answers:
    1. It’s not creative to end with a round number (see #21).
    2. You can finish #29 by adding one more to the list.

    I love writing lists, but I’m absolutely hopeless at actually finishing things on my list.

  2. Kathleen O'Reilly Says:

    Kat, I bet you’re right on #2. As for finishing things on the list, don’t sweat it. Lists should only be completed when you’re dead. If you finish them too early, you haven’t lived enough. :)