A Woman’s Guide to Men’s Man-Part Pics

The Washington Post has a thoughtful piece on the non-alllure of man-parts pics. Actually, I should clarify, because obviously there is an allure of man-part pics to the man who took the pic of his man-parts. But for women, it’s a non-starter.  And yet, the pics continue, as if some men cannot comprehend that a woman is not thrilled by the 800 by 600 close-up of their man-parts.  Oh, we  silly-willy women!  Not appreciating glandular grandeur on a phone and/or other computing device! 

So what is thrilling?  What visuals stir the senses?  According to the article, “folded laundry.  Maybe in a wicker basket.” 

Ah, yes. 

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2 Responses to “A Woman’s Guide to Men’s Man-Part Pics”

  1. But how to explain the man titty in romance covers?!?

  2. Kathleen O'Reilly Says:

    LOL, Kat. I have no idea. :)